Demaris Keen

Demaris Keen in 1918

This photo  is a rare color photo from about 1919-1920.  Mother says she is the child holding the kitten and the child with the blue bow is Ruth, who died  20 February 1920.

Demaris (in cap) and Iris (flowered suit) at the beach with friends of Iris.

This bridal gown was made for Demaris Keen by her future sister-in-law, Josephine Humphries Jones.  It has been worn by two other brides, Annis Elizabeth Humphries and Amanda Elizabeth Nesbit.

May 1973
Demaris Keen Humphries has always been active, from working her garden to camping and hiking.  Above, she is tilling her garden at Turtle Cove in 1999 (age 82).  To the right, she is at the Miller cabin on Flat Top Mountain.

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