Roger and Amanda's family

Trey on wake Board, July 2007

Eagle Scout Cliff with Greatmother, Dec. 2005

Christi on jet ski, July 2007

Cliff, Tricia, and Trey in band, Girl Scout, and ROTC uniforms, December 2002

Olmsted children, May 2001
l to r: Tricia, Trey, Philip

Great Grandmother Humphries with members of Tricia Olmsted's Girl Scout Troop, April 2001

Trey Olmsted working with his computer stuff.

Tricia Olmsted (far right with hand raised) with Girl Scouts.  With new medication, Tricia is feeling better than she has in three years!

Tricia and her dad on his motorcycle, May 2001.

Tricia's cat, Snowball, tolerates a great deal!

Tricia goes swimming.
May 2001

Tricia has a very loyal cat named Snowball.  Where Tricia goes, there Snowball goes too.  When Tricia is away in the hospital, Snowball cannot be consoled.  The pictures at the right show Tricia at her piano recital and practicing with Snowball.

Second picture is Tricia at her piano recital, May 2001.

Olmsted family, May 2001 

The picture to the left is This is Lillie Marvin Jones (Amanda Nesbit's great-grandmother) with her husband, John D, Humphries, Jr. and their first child, Annis. 
Amanda looks a lot like Great-grandmother Lillie!


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