Unsorted Scans 29 May 2013
These family photos came from an album Mother created before she and Daddy married.  Daddy is in some of the photos and he made some of the other photos because they were courting during part of this time.  These will be organized and moved to different locations later.

Wm David Keen Family 1887
William David Keen and Zinphrey Holmes Family, circa 1887
Children shown are Demaris Lugenia, 17; William Albert, 15; James Henry, 13; Lemuel McGee, 9; David Lanier, 8;
Clara Melvina Malinda, 2; and Young Cleveland, 7 months.
Wm Albert Keen at 15
William Albert Keen at 15
James Henry Keen at 13
James Henry Keen at 13
Lemuel McGee Keen at 9
Lemuel McGee Keen at 9
Demaris Lugenia Keen at 17
Demaris Lugenia Keen
Wm Albert & Nellie Guest Keen
Wm. Albert and Nellie Guest Keen
Wm Albert & Nellie Guest Keen wedding photo
Wm. Albert Keen and Nellie Bashby Guest Keen probable wedding photo,
c. December 1895
Grandma Keen
Grandma Cora Lee Gilbert Keen
Alex, Floyd, & Ruth Keen
Mother with Floyd, Ruth Keene, and Alex Moye
Alex Moye
Alex Moye
Alex Moye in yard
Alex Moye
Auntie Bill w Mother and children
Auntie Bill and children, Mother, and unknown woman
Evie Jean & Julian, Jr. Rachels
Demaris Keen photo strip
Demaris Keen, photo strip from photo booth
Redbone Farms cow
Redbone Farms Cow
Marynell & Julian
Julian, Jr. and Mary Nell
Evie Jean & Julian Jr.
Julian, Jr. & Evie Jean
Evie Jean graduates
Evie Jean graduates
Evie Jean & dad
Evie Jean & Dad, Julian rachels
Josephine, Demaris, Pebbie
Josephine, Demaris, Pebbie
Healthy Baby Boy
Who is this beautiful baby?
Julian rachels
Julian Rachels
Julian Rachels2
Julian Rachels3
Julian Rachels4
Julian Rachels5
Julian Rachels6


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