The Family of
William Albert Keen and
Nellie Bashaby Guest Keen

Nellie Bashaby Guest

William Albert Keen

Reunion at home of John Wesley Guest and Mary Leona Bush Guest in Dudley, Georgia, about 1914?

back row left to right:
in uniform, probably Clarence Smith, Aunt Burma Guest Melton, Wilkes Melton, Aunt Loucinda "Cindy " holding Doris, Uncle "Max" Mack Johnson, Aunt Georgia Hollamon Guest, Uncle Clayton "Cecil" Guest, Aunt Hattie Gilbert Guest, Uncle George Franklin "Frank" Guest, unknown woman & daughter, Luther Burns "Brother Luther" Word, Zinnie Lee "Sister" Keen Word

middle row:
probably a Melton boy, Aunt Bell Guest, Evie Dell "Pebbie" Keen, Aunt Florence Keen holding Rossie, Uncle Herman Guest, woman, John Wesley "Grandpa" Guest, Mary Leona "Grandma" Bush Guest holding Iris Keen, Lucile Keen, Nellie "Grandmama" Bashby Guest Keen, William Albert "Granddaddy" Keen, Willie Nell "Bill" Keen.

front row:
Boy, Ruth Keen, Girl, Aunt Thelma Guest, boy, boy

The original of this photo measures 4 5/16 by 6 1/2 inches. Its condition is fair to good. It is in the possession of Demaris Bashaby Keen Humphries in Turtle Cove, Georgia. Copies may be obtained at cost.

Willie Nell "Bill" Keen as a school girl.

Adults: Uncle Luther, "Mother" Word, Sister, Bill, Uncle Luther's Sister
Children: Luther Junior, Demaris, Iris

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