The James David & Annette's family

Christmas 2005: Katie and Michael are on the front and are ages 8 and 7.  Laura (18) and Joseph (23) are next and then John's Mary (23).  Next to Mary is Jennifer (21) and then Tori (16) holding Lleyton.  Alex (17) is next to David. 

2004 On Left: Son James with wife Teresa.  In front of James are his children Alex (12) and Jennifer (16), and beside Teresa is her daughter Ashley (11)

In Middle: daughter Mary Jo with husband Tom and their children Joseph (18) and Laura (13).    
On right:  Son John with wife carol and their children Katie (3) and Michael (2) and John's daughter, next to Carol, Mary (18)    

Annette and David in front --  15 October 2000


Four generations
left to right: Laura Annette Fitts, Mary Joanne Griffin, Josephine Grace Humphries Jones, Carolyn Annette Jones.
Among those gathered at Indian Springs Holiness Campground, 21 July 2002


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