Anna and Felix

Tent in yard 20 July '09

Girls & Trooper in tent 20 July '09

Paulina's Bandaged Toe 20 July '09

Natalie Ringing Bell 18 July '09

Girls on Pedal Boat 18 July '09

Girls & Thor on Dock 18 July '09

Paulina helps cook 18 July '09

Highclere Pond 18 July '09

Girls on Rock 15 July '09

Girls at bustop August 2007

Felix finishes Culpeper Triathlon 2007

Natalie off to first grade August 2007

Natalie and puppies at river, July 2007

Paulina on Roscoe, August 2007

Natalie in three point on Annie

Fathers' Day 2007

Paulina with Mischief, August 2007

Natalie feeding calves July 2007

Triathlon October 2006

Natalie and Paulina with Uncle Fernando

Paulina with Aunt Katrina 2007

Gap Ride June 2007
10 June 2007, FelixI did the “Three-Gap” ride in the North Georgia mountains with a few club members.  They rode 35 miles and climbed a total of 6700 feet.  Here is a picture of him at the middle (and hardest) gap, Wolf Pen.   It was a very difficult ride, particularly on his old bike.  But he's going to do it again soon!
Culpeper Sprint Triathlon, end of bike ride, August 2007

Felix, Anna, & the girls at Indian Springs 2005

Girls in Christening Dresses, May 2005

Paulina, Easter 2006

Natalie & Paulina October 2005

Christmas 2005

Felix's family with Grandmother Humphries, Aunt Lillie, and Uncle Nolan, Christmas 2004

Felix's family with Grandmother Humphries, Aunt Lillie, and Uncle Nolan, Christmas 2004

Felix & Paulina February 2005



Natalie & Katya, February 2005

Anna, Dad, Demaris, Paulina, Jim, Felix, and Natalie January 2004

Natalie & Paulina reading, January 2005

Natalie November 2004

Paulina, November 2004

Anna & Felix

Natalie, September 2003

Paulina July 2004

24 January 2004


Natalie Snowbunny January 2004

January 2004

January 2004

 Natalie on Rusty, 24 January 2004

Natalie at computer


Paulina Lillian, 18 November 2003

May 2004

Natalie loves Paulina



Natalie loves to swim with her Mother.  Natalie Anne is the first child of Anna and Felix, was born in Manhattan.  They now live in Northern Virginia. 

Natalie 24 may 2003


Best Friends

Natalie with her best friend, Thomas, September 2002 

Natalie with Mother

Looks like Natalie, but this is Paulina!

Natalie exercising
May 2001

Natalie almost crawling
May 2001

Natalie loves to swing
April 2001

 Natalie 12 March 2001 

April 2001
Natalie now has two teeth!


Natalie with Grandma Nina

Natalie the movie star in Merrick
April 2001


March 2001  

March 2001

Natalie playing
8 February 2001

Natalie goes for a ride 

held by her cousin, Tristan James Miller Pagkalinawan, December, 2000. 

Paulina, Natalie, & Grandmother 

Natalie with Daddy



Natalie with Mother

 Natalie with a furry friend

Natalie's NY home 

Felix & his girls
Keen Humphries  Griffin Katrina Felix Sabrina
Nesbit Moseley President Bush

Aunt Ree  Home

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