2013 Keen Reunion
on the ground: Colson, Rommel, Paulina.
seated: Marc, Shelly (holding Amelia Kate), Ruth, Demaris K., Carrie Nelle, Floyd.
first row standing: John, Annis, Kay, Sabrina, Demaris M., Lillie, Twila, Sandy.
Second standing row: Marcia, Natalie, Tristan, David H., Fernando, Emily, (???), Kirby, Eliza, Heather, Nick.
wedged in front of last row: Lynn, Ralph, Beth, Jeff, Willena, Philip, (Michele ???).
back row standing: Jim, Felix, Nolan, John, Chris, OKC, Frank, Russ, David E. (???), Andrew, Jack William, Michael James, Sarah.

Amelia Kate & Marc
Amelia Kate & Marc
Annis Colson Chris Olivia David
Annis, Colson, Chris, Olivia, David E.
Annis HeatherAnnis & Heather

Shelly, Amelia Kate, & Marc
Shelly, Amelia Kate, & Marc
John Annis
John & Annis
Kirby David
Kirby & David H.
Annis olivia
Annis & Olivia
Annis Shelly Marc Amelia
Annis, Shelly, Marc, & Amelia Kate
Beth Floyd
Beth & Floyd
Beth Ruth Demaris Jim
Annis, Beth, Ruth, Cheryl (Guest), Demaris, Jim
Carrie Nelle's Cake
Carrie Nell's Cake
Chris Demaris K Tierney Kay
Chris, Demaris K, Eliza, Kay
Colson, Kirby
Colson & Kirby
Maarc Shelly Kay David
Marc, Shelly, Amelia, Kay, David H.
David E Olivia Nick
David E., Olivia, Nick
david E Olivia Chris
David E., Olivia, Chris
David DE Olivia Chris
David E., Olivia, Chris
David H Carrie Nelle Amekia
David H., Carrie Nelle, Amelia Kate
David E Chris Olivia Nick Felix
David E., Chris, Olivia, Nick, Felix
David Jim
David H. & Jim
Demaris Annis Marcia
Demaris, Annis, Marcia
David H Amelia Paulina Rommel More
David H., Amelia, Paulina, Rommel, Nat, Becca
Demaris Beth
Demaris & Beth
Reunion Dining Room
Reunion Dining Room
Felix Kirby Shelly
Felix, Kirby, Shelly
Felix Heather
Heather & Felix
Felix Natalie
Felix & Natalie
Fernando Sabrina
Fernando & Sabrina
Floyd Kay
Floyd & Kay
Conselmans & Humphries
Marc, Shelly, Amelia Kate, Kay, David H
Jeff & Beth
Jeff & Beth
Jim Mother Demaris
Demaris K, Jim, Demaris M
Jim David
Jim & David H.
Jim & Lillie
Jim & Lillie
John Chris DavidH
John, Chris, David E.
John Colson Eliza
John, Colson, Eliza
Kay & David
Kay & David
Kirby's Family
Kirby's Family
Demaris Floyd
Demaris & Floyd
Emily Cheryl guest
Emily & Cheryl (guest)
Slide Show
Slide Show
Lillie Nolan Tristan FernandoLillie, Noan, Tristan, Fernando
Lillie Philip
Lillie, Philip
Lynn in this one
Elusive Lynn in far background
Lynn Hanging Genealogy
Lynn hanging genealogy charts
Rommel and Tristan eating
I think the elusive Michele is in the upper right.
Marcia Ruth
Marcia & Ruth
Matthew & Lisa
Matthew & Lisa
Miller Clan
Jim & Lillie
Jim & Lillie
Monta Rae & Jeff
Monta Rae & Jeff
Mother & Floyd
Demaris K. & Floyd
Mother & Trey
Demaris K. & Trey
Mother Ruth Keen
Demaris K., & Ruth Keen
Natalie & Jim
Natalie & Jim
Frank, Lillie, Nolan, Trey, Philip
Kirby & Grandchildren
Olivia, Kirby, Nick, Colson
Philip & OKC
Philip & OKC
Ralph Lynn Lillie
Rarlph, elusive Lynn, Lillie
Robertsons & Kirby
Robertson Clan plus Kirby
Robertson Clan
Robertson Clan
Rommel Sabrina Philip Jim
Rommel, Sabrina, Philip, Jim
ruth Beth EMily Cheryl
Ruth, Beth, Emily, Cheryl (guest)
Lillie Mother Sandy
sabrina, Lillie, Demaris K., Marcia, Sandy
Amelia Kate sabrina
Amelia Kate & Sabrina
Sabrina Heather
Sabrina & Heather
Cousins Trey Philip Felix Tristan Natalie
Trey, Philip, Tristan, Felix, Natalie
Cousins Tristan Philip Rommel Trey
Brothers & Cousins: Tristan Philip, Rommel, Trey
willena Kirby Amelia David H
Willena, Kirby, Amelia, David H.




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